The Year

2020 was a defining year for the Movick’s.

After an extreme sidewalk accident late last year I found myself with a TBI. Several specialists told me to expect recovery anywhere from a few months to a full year. Thus the beginning of 2020 was a little murky. Headaches, pain and frustration. The stress of a 3-year-old combined with a baby on the way and very little work because of the injury was not helpful.

On March 1st we brought a baby girl into the world and couldn’t have been happier. Some weird news was coming out of China, but we had a cheery outlook on the future and I knew that work was about to really pick up for the spring. Three weeks after she was born I came home to several emails and phone messages that every job I’d booked for the next two months was now cancelled.

My head was still in rough shape. Sleep deprivation and all the baby stuff was not helping. Kristy asked her mom to come and stay with us for the summer to help out. I tried my best to find quiet places from time to time (to work & also rest) and we just focused on trying to survive.

Come mid-summer we came to a decision. The Movick’s were not going to give up. We were not going to allow the external forces of the falling-apart-at-the-seams world affect us. We were going to live inside-out. Find our courage, hope and endurance from within ourselves rather than waiting for the world to somehow give us permission to feel better.

I worked on my head. I worked on my book. I did my best to rest and be there for my kids and my wife. Kristy continued to be a super mom. She found ways to take time for herself and spent the other 160 hours of the week taking care of us. We pressed on through the adversity that continued to pile on week to week and made a pact to thrive through it rather than try simply to survive it.

October/November came and, man, the final push to finish the book was tough. I was putting 40 hours a week into it along with 40+ hours a week of paid work. Kristy stepped in and held the house down, made our kids feel loved, cooked, cleaned, read my book through several times, offered suggestions, listened to me for hours-on-end talking through issues with it and encouraged me to no end. 

We published and moved straight into holiday season and marketing. Kristy became my publicist and assistant and boss and everything else. Work was still busier than it had been all year and I couldn’t turn anything down. There was no way to complain about actual paying work but we were just struggling with having the hours in the day and the energy to get as much done as we could before Christmas hit and there was nothing else to do with it for 11 months. 

It’s been a whirlwind but I am proud of us. I agree with everyone saying this year has been a dumpster-fire, but I think Kristy and I have grown in ways we would not have been able to without it.

I think we’ve earned the right to stand without hesitation and truly say that we’ve done our absolute best and nothing short of it this year. If we end up with little to show for our efforts in a commercial sense I still think we can be proud of our internal achievements. And if I’m living in an inside-out world, there likely isn’t a better asset to have than that.

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